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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

ho-hum, another wednesday here and nearly half over! LOL

we have been playing on our new swingset. it really is going to be a life-saver this summer!! i'm so happy that aaron relented and let me get it....and also let me spend the extra bucks on the nicer playset and climbing wall. the babies love it, and climb to the top and make their momma scramble up as fast as she can to prevent them falling off the platform on the other side! :) i love that they can do it, tho! it probably doesn't hurt that i'm climbing up with them at break-neck speed, either! a little exercise never hurt anyone! LOL

i'm really going to take the LP plunge.....i am going to start having small classes out of my home. june 10th? eyelets! ;) we'll see. it will be interesting to see if anyone comes to it. crossing my fingers that i can make this thing work.....i just need to dig inside for that motivation and the balls to just do it!

griffin has been trying to sing his abc's. it's very cute. he really does love his music. and the way he says buh-bye is the best! speaking of which, he just said good-bye to joe on blue's clues. it's too sweet!

i put erin's hair in a lone pigtail on the top of her head. it's the funniest. i'm rather liking this girlie-girl stuff. i love buying her these fun dresses that she can crawl around in. the cutest thing is to see her butt with little diaper-cover panties on it! :D

i'm really hating this mommy thing! LMAO


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