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Sunday, May 30, 2004

there is a mental disturbance that has hit the byers household since last weekend. carpet envy. yes, that's right, carpet envy. it's when your neighbor shampoos her carpets so that they look brand new, and you go back home to your carpet that has more grime in it than a mud-wrestling pit! not mentioning the fact that i usually have between five and eight kids running around the house at any given moment on the weekday.

so, to cure my newest mental illness, i borrow the mother-in-law's carpet shampooer and spend the better part of the day shampooing the great room and hallway. unfortunately, that's all that i had time to do! LOL but...boy, do i feel all fly now that my carpets are clean! :D but...since i got the carpets cleaned, i need to fold the mound of laundry that built up as a result! oh, well! LOL it's supposed to rain today, so that will give me plenty of time to do it.

other things on the agenda today are to spend my michael's coupon and buy a sizzix!! i'm stoked. what more could a scrapbooker want? the downside to this? i now have to let aaron go to michigan city next thursday and friday to hang out with the other second grade teachers. (shhh...don't tell him, but i don't mind him going, really, even if he is going on a week-long vaca in july...i just didn't want him to be the only one to NOT go....AND i wanted a sizzix! LOL) to clean the scrap-space (it's part of my closet...need to find the pic so that shez knows what i'm talking about! hehehe) to make room for the sizzix!

i'm such a nerd.....i never thought i'd be this domestic! LOL


Blogger ~Shez~ said...

A Sizzix - I'm so jealous! Do have fun with it.

And on the topic of carpets (lol) we're going to pull ours up and put wood floors in. My monster of a 2yo son draws on the carpets. I'm not joking! Crayon in hand, scribbling on the carpets. You would not believe how impossible it is to get wax crayon out of a cream carpet!

2:39 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

thanks...i think i will....i just need to find some waking time with which to play!! LOL sooo very tired!

i want to pull up the carpet and get would be sooo much nicer to look at than the raggety carpet provided courtesy of the creatures at the zoo! ;)

11:09 AM


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