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Friday, May 28, 2004

i met my first person through blog! :) how fun is this? i discovered the profile link (why i didn't do any of this before was crazy on my part) and filled it in and made it public, not knowing that it would post it on my page! LOL i love being a techy stupid! hehe and the best part, which i mentioned a few days back, is that it links you up with other people who've said they like similar things. if you go to your own profile and click on some of the things you like, it will show you bloggers who have put the same thing down....LOVE IT!

anyway, i met Shez , a UK'er and new blogger! thanks for coming my way! we have some things in common, best of which is scrapbooking!!

i'm really liking the blog. at first i didn't put the time and effort into it, but now i really like it and keep wishing i'd had it a year ago....oh, they (*they* being my stepmom...) "hindsight's 20/20". ;)


Blogger ~Shez~ said...

Nice meeting you too - blogging sure is fun!

2:32 AM


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