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Monday, April 26, 2004

life can be really good when you give it some effort! i can see the floor in my bedroom!! i dont' have any dirt laundry in the hampers! dh did the bathrooms yesterday (tho somehow managed to miss big globs of toothpaste and dirty spots in the toilet...hmmm...), dinner's in the crockpot (pork roast, but at least it's done!!), the kids are actually doing a craft today, and i have menus planned for the entire week.....

someone take my temperature, because i think i've fallen ill with something......

perhaps i will actually get to scrapbook sometime in the near future.....

things to do today:
1. fold laundry (only three loads, tho)
2. put laundry away
3. clean scrap area
4. sort toys, clean them, put them in babies' room

that doesn't include fixing meals and cleaning the kitchen or feeding babies.....LOL

and....happy birthday to my mommy-sharon!! :)


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