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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

hard to believe it's been a week since my last diaries are so much easier than paper ones...i would have ditched the paper one a long time ago! LOL

not much new happening in the life of the byers clan.....aaron's still teaching second grade and taking master's classes. i will be so happy when those are will he! LOL but i'll be happy when i have my husband back to torture on saturday mornings with a to-do list! ;)

collin is now a green belt in karate, but next wednesday he will be taking his test to become a blue belt.......we started talking about whether we should continue this, because he is starting to need some really expensive stuff for karate (like $75 a mo isn't expensive!! LOL), and we don't want to pay the money out if he's just going to drop it. so.....he and aaron had the 'if you're going to drop it, say it now...' talk last night, and he's told aaron he wants to be a black belt. so....roll on karate!! :)

the babies are crawling up on everything they can's getting quite scary....they're getting so big. it's hard to believe that they're my last babies (speaking of which...i really need to call dr. tim for that tube-tying appointment so god doesn't sneak another one in on us! LOL). they're still going strong on the nursing...much to the chagrin of my family and friends. more of them keep telling me to stop rather than applauding me for keeping it up.....i just LOVE unsolicited comments!! :)

as for me......nothing of much to report here, either. i did a craft fair with my leaving prints stuff this weekend, and it didn't really sell all that well. i got my name out there a bit, tho, so i'm hoping that i'll drum up some business that way. i need to write a newsletter still, but otherwise, it's just a matter of calling people....which i don't feel very strong at! :S you would think a born talker would have less trouble, but i feel like i'm asking people for a favor, which i don't really like doing......and i am asking them for a favor, so i don't really like doing it! LMAO!! i made a really cute album that i plan on selling somehow....someone introduced me to, so we'll see if i can get that rolling.....just another thing to add to the to-do list......


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