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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

today's been an alright day so far....i was up far too late to be getting up at 6:00!! so i'm a little tired today, but i've already cut coupons from the last few months.....i'm caught up with that, too! LOL

i booked two Leaving Prints shows last night.....i'm really wanting to get myself in gear, so hopefully that will help. i also am getting ready for this craft bazaar that i'm going to on saturday. i'm really excited about it, but am really nervous....i'm going to do a door prize drawing, and hopefully get some people to commit to classes.....

aaron is very happy with this new leaf i'm trying to turn over....i really hope that i can keep it up, because the house is a lot happier when it's clean and organized....go's only taken me 26 years to figure this out, but that's not too shabby because i didn't have the influence of my parents backing me up all this time.....sharon, mommy, my step-mom did the best she could considering she had three sons and a daughter, not to mention my father helping her to make the messes. i'm so happy that aaron does so much helping around the house....granted, it's not up to my flylady-psycho standards, but at least he does it, which is a lot more than most women can say! LOL

things to do today....(btw, i DID get around to folding the laundry and working on my scrapspace yesterday....the downside is that the laundry didn't all make it put away and the scraproom is very messy, so it's going to take today to work on it, too! LOL)

1. put coupons in organizer
2. figure out how to put babies' clothes away (this is not such an easy job, because they're either tearing it apart as i'm figuring out how to do it, or they're sleeping, and me working in there just seems to wake them up)
3. finish cleaning scraproom
4. call a few people regarding Leaving Prints
5. turn in two shows for Leaving Prints
6. figure out what to make for dinner now that we're not going out (WE'RE GOING TO LISTEN TO BEN FOLDS IN LAFAYETTE ON SATURDAY INSTEAD!!!!!)


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