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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Here We Go Again... in part of my absence of blogging, pretty much the entire house got sick with something or other. We'd been doing so well. Griffin got up this morning, and was much cuddlier than usual. He's definitely the only one of my kids who will just cuddle up with me on the couch and snuggle. Collin's beyond it, and Erin does NOT sit still... I wind up with either her butt or one of her gangly appendages in my face. Not typically the snuggle am looking for. Anyway, he snuggled with me for a good half an hour, much to Erin's chagrin. Just before Aaron made it home with our DD run, he came in to where I was, and started retching. I got him to the trash can before any calamaties could occur, but needless to say, he didn't get his chocolate iced glazed donut. Poor little man is definitely not feeling well at all. So he's happy to lay on the couch and watch tv.

...In preparation for my imprisonment in the infirmary, I went to Michael's today with my dear friend Judy to buy yarn. Well, I came away with enough yarn to make several baby hats, an afghan, a scarf for a friend for a belated birthday gift, Valentine's Day presents for the teachers, a few stamps for a name it. But as I was picking her up, she told me to come in to see what SHE'D been working on lately. OMG!! Take a look at the coolio pin she let me have (and try not to make fun of the stains on my ten year-old down jacket that needs to go to the cleaners!)!! I never cease to be amazed at what she comes up with next for her next craft.

...I finished a hat today.... I think that perhaps I need to stick with using a pattern to make things, maybe? (Don't worry... I just double it up the fold and it looks fine... but it's pretty funny, no?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope y'all get out of quarantine soon. That's not fun. Hope no one else catches it!

2:14 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I can't think of that guys name from the Bill Cosby cartoon when I was a kid. There was a guy who always had a long hat on. Maybe his mom knit it for him and he had to wear it? I love your rolled up hat, so I can see your beautiful face.

And you did choose one of the prettier pins, I think.

7:40 PM


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