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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life in The Fast Lane....

So it's been a busy week. It didn't turn out exactly as planned, but I think it definitely turned out the way it should. A bullet list by day, because I do love order and clean lines:

  • Sunday: I took the kids to Sunday School while Aaron slept in. I did a few errands and then picked the kids up. I put together a crock-pot meal for them to eat while I went downtown. I went downtown to the Amazing Race. We ran ourselves all over downtown, had a blast, but still came in last. Had we been able to get the first clue, we would have been third, but since we had to go back and get the first clue, we were last. They were able to raise about 400 dollars for Aaron's cousin's family, so that makes me happy! Afterward, Elizabeth and I had a quick snack at the Chocolate Cafe (BEST MOCHA EVER!!) and then we hoofed it to Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the craziest Colts game.... leave it to the Colts to put you on the edge of your seat, especially when playing the Patriots! We had way too much fun, and I'm thinking that it might be the beginning of the end of corporate outings at my company...... the casualty list did NOT include me, thankyouverymuch!

  • Monday: Because I went to the game, I had to give up the sixth row center tickets to see Rob Zombie... *sobs* It was a great time, too... the friend that I went with nearly got up on stage AND caught the drum head that the drummer threw out into the crowd. DAAAAMN!!

  • Tuesday: I got up to run, but it was sprinkling, so I went home. Too funny, though, as my friend ran anyway. Oh, well! In the evening, we got together with Aaron's parents and sister and niece to have a Mexican fiesta. Collin is now thirteen. WTF?! But he's an awesome young man, even when he's not answering the phone when I call or when he half-eats a whole bowl of leftovers (and throws the rest away... grrrrr...).

  • Wednesday: I finally went to karate and then went for what might be my last Wednesday night at my "cheers" bar.... so sad that it might close and am at a total loss for where to hang out when it does... so don't want to go back to the loud-karoke place... *sigh*

  • Thursday: I went on my first run in a long time! I didn't do fabulous, but it was definitely good to get back at it. I also took a half-day off work to take Griffin to the eye doctor. He's doing VERY well with his glasses and the patch therapy has gained a bit of sight back for him, so the doctor is very pleased. I then took lunch to the twins at school. It was too funny to spend time with them like that. As a working mom, I don't get much of a chance to do things at school. The rest of the day was a bit downhill from there, because we didn't go to karate and I totally forgot Griffin's pack meeting. Some days I feel like a big loser mom.

  • Friday: Sparring night! I didn't too badly for someone who's not been a regular karate trainer....I miss doing karate with regularity. It makes me sad to not feel well enough to work out. Aaron went out with his friends to BW's to play some trivia, and Collin went camping with the Boy Scouts, so the twins and I snuggled in and watched the second Transformers movie. It was a good time!

  • Saturday: I got up and ran... it felt good, even though I'm still down on endurance. I came home and made the twins banana pancakes. Then, because I'm feeling out of shape and I'm a glutton for punishment, I did the Chest & Back P90X workout. After that, I went to a local craft fair, which was a bit of a disappointment. Instead of staying home and relaxing, Aaron and I took the twins to the McD's drive-thru and then ate lunch at Yats, a yummy Cajun restaurant. Then we went to try out mattresses....Did you know that the life of the average mattress is 8-10 years? And that we've had our mattress for over 10 now? We're totally due. And we're hoping to get things in the works for a new one soon. We'll see. And finally, before Aaron got totally worn out (he's recovering from being sick... and still feels ill most times), we went to Michael's.... I was going to get a frame for whomever was to receive the below picture I made. But I loved it so much when I put it together, it's now hanging in my kitchen.... So I'm not quite finished with my homemade Christmas! *winks*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had a week! Lots of fun stuff though. Hope y'all find a good mattress. We bought a set a few months ago after 16 years. It makes a world of difference!

9:36 PM


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