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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Almost Two Weeks?

...has it really been that long? I shall give you a bullet list of things that went down while I was ignoring the blog.....

  • I've attempted, unsuccessfully, thank goodness, to hack up a lung. I'm still occasionally working on this feat, and will let you know if I prove successful at any given moment. There really does seem to be no end in sight.
  • Griffin spent a few days off school with a fever and some congestion. His pediatrician, whom I love dearly, provided both of us with antibiotics that will hopefully make us better....should the culprit actually be of bacterial nature instead of viral.... the jury's still out on that!
  • Being sick tends to have some advantages... Mine are rock hard abs (from all the coughing) and being able to get two-thirds of my homemade Christmas presents completed. I'm actually quite excited about my offerings this year, and hope that the girls will be pleased.
  • A blue crayon in my dryer precluded me from getting much-needed lounge time last Sunday. But I managed to save most of the clothing that was affected. Only a few items of clothing and a fraction of the skin on my left forefinger were lost in the process.
  • Nexcare sport band-aids really do stick well to busy forefingers that get washed on a frequent basis!
  • Griffin is very busy with the Cub Scouts. Last Saturday he worked on a family scrapbook and this Saturday he went door-to-door in a nearby neighborhood collecting non-perishable foods for a local food pantry.
  • We're working on our third straight weekend of birthday parties. Two weeks ago our buddy Gavin invited the twins, last weekend our buddy Caroline had them, and this weekend our friends Gage, Claire, and Drew will have the twins. The lunacy of this is not lost on me, and sometimes I wish that we weren't so popular.

And now for a bullet list of what my rock and roll lifestyle will hold in the near future (less the aforementioned birthday celebrations):

  • Tomorrow, provided the impending rains stop prior to 1:30, I will be downtown with three friends to participate in the Amazing Race, which is a benefit for my husband's cousin's family. Their son, who is eight months to the day older than Collin, is undergoing treatment for Ewing's Sarcoma, which is a rare bone cancer. The proceeds from this venture will benefit both the family and Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, where he is receiving his care. I really hope that the weather holds out so that the three teams that were directly and indirectly accumulated through me can participate and help the family raise about $150! I'm sure that any bit helps this family!
  • Tomorrow night I will be remaining downtown to go with my office to the Colts game. My boss, ever the last-minute guy, announced yesterday that he'd scored tickets for our office to go to the game. As the Colts and Patriots are a huge NFL rivalry, I'm excited to go.
  • And, because it doesn't really matter if I rest or not, Monday will find me back downtown to go to the Rob Zombie concert. A friend of mine scored sixth-row tickets and asked if we wanted to go.
  • Tuesday, my baby will officially be a teenager.... I can't believe that I've been a mom for 13 years now. He's definitely turning into a young man right before my eyes, with all the goods and bads that come along with finding his wings.

After that, I do believe that I might be grounding myself to the house for a bit. My kids are going to start to wonder who that strange lady is, and Aaron's finally contracted that which has been plaguing me for the last few weeks. So I'm going to need to stay home for a while to reconnect with my family (and let my body relax a little!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That incessant coughing is so miserable! Hope you continue to feel better. Good for you for getting so much Christmas shopping done!

9:30 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I should have told you I have a toy stash in the closet that i would like to share. I stocked up on some toys in the past when i got really really good deals and now mu kids don't sem to get invited to parties anymore. I gotta get rid of the loot!

9:30 PM


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