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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Fabulous Time... we went at the end of last week with Judy and her family to Wisconsin Dells. None of us had ever vacationed with friends before, and didn't realize just how fun it could be. How Judy and the gang put up with us for four days solid is beyond me! But we all had a blast, and found a mission that we accepted wholeheartedly.... to try every beer cheese brat soup we could. I think I tried two, but Erin fell ill (strep! go us!) the last night we were there, so I didn't get to try the third kind. Boy, that stuff was good!

...we did more than eat, but I think that most would agree with me that the eating was the best part of the vacation, behind the sheer enjoyment of being in eachother's company. My favorite meal of all was at a place that we almost didn't go to! It was called the Log Cabin restaurant, and it had the best home cooking that I've ever had at a restaurant. I had pot roast. And even Scott had to laugh at me as I licked my lips and looked around, realizing that I plowed through all my food first. He wasn't going to say anything, but did chuckle after I said it myself.

...Oh, like I said, we did more than eat.... we went to Mt. Olympus, which has a pretty good indoor water park. My favorite spot there was a hot tub big enough for twenty-eight.... the kids went with us down big water slides, and they loved it! We also played in a big pool. Another day, the kids went to a place called Wizard Quest with the guys while Judy and I went to a craft mall. At first glance, I gave us maybe fifteen minutes in the place.... but we spent about an hour and a half there. There was so much stuff in there! And it was good stuff! Worth buying... and taking pictures of! It was such good inspiration that we went to Wal-Mart that evening and bought supplies to make some of our own things. (I'm partially through my homemade Christmas!!)

...Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so Sunday we went home to greet our boys, who got home that day from California. They had a good time. Collin doesn't show his emotions outright, but he was overcome with how much fun he had.

....Back to the grind now... *sigh*


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Ahhh Sweet Memories....

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