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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Productive Weekend...

...cos we all like to pat ourselves on the back when we do a good job--- a bullet list of things I accomplished this weekend....

  • filed six months' worth of paperwork (note... all the bills of the paperwork were paid---aside from the pesky internet bill that I'm unable to pay online. I don't get it, either).
  • arranged to pay the bills (all checks written, all in envelopes with stamps!)
  • bought frames for and hung our karate portraits (they're in the bottom of my stair-well and looking fine!)
  • rearranged frames and hug the kids' Spring pictures (yep... you read it right... SPRING... better late than never, eh?)
  • went to three soccer games (Griffin scored a goal! Purely by accident, but he scored one, nonetheless... Erin scored a goal! For the other team)
  • cooked two of the three meals on Sunday (before you ask what the big deal is... I don't cook. Mainly for logistics' sake, but even on the weekends, Aaron tends to take over this job. I just took over yesterday. I would so pee on a stick if I would even dream that a baby were pending... but seeing as we took care of that, I'll settle for cuddling on my nephew last week as my excuse to nest)
  • grocery shopped for the week
  • watched the Colts beat the Cardinals
  • sent way too many pieces of Flair in Facebook

Aren't you proud of me?


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

And now you have updated your blog! I am proud of you. Now if I could just get off facebook long enough to see to my blog.

3:40 PM

Blogger JP said...

I scored a goal too! And I came within about a foot of scoring about 3 other times but the ball dribbled to a stop about a foot in front of the line. Badgers!

4:05 PM


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