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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Nice Weekend... far, the weekend has been good! Friday night found me in my kitchen with my neighbor and a bottle of wine (...and later on a bottle of sake and some Coors Light for homemade sake bombs)...and a box of whoopie pies. We've decided that a bottle of wine and whoopie pies might be a recipe for a good time. *winks* But my neighbor and I laughed and drank and giggled while the kids played hard and long into the night.
...needless to say, Saturday wasn't as much fun with the KIDS as Friday night... for they were tired and emotional messes. But Saturday afternoon was fun, for my friend Judy came over to craft with me. It had seriously been nearly six months since my last crafting experience, so this was long overdue and more than welcome. We had a seriously good time, and you can find the results of my efforts here.... Upon discovering that we'd left the grill on and couldn't make the brats we'd intended, we made impromptu plans to eat at Steak 'n Shake with Judy and her family. It was fun and relaxing. After supper, we all hit the sack pretty early.
...this morning was the kids' first Sunday school morning of the year. While the kids were at their class, Aaron and I hit Starbucks and had a mini-date. The kids did really well at church this morning. Usually about the time communion hits, they are ready to go home. Today was no different, but the drama wasn't as significant as it usually is. So that was nice.
...Today finds Aaron at Fantasy Football draft day.... I tell you, the man has more twinkle in his eye in talking about the draft than he had on our wedding day or on the day of any of the births of our children. It's truly funny. So he's going to be gone for the afternoon. The kids and I are going to be going to Collin's Boy Scout Court of Honor. Collin will be getting some merit badges, but not rank advancement (that was earlier this year), so it's OK that Aaron won't be there. I really wish I had a "signature dish," because the Court of Honor is a pitch-in picnic. I need to channel my inner-Judy.


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Yumm.....whoopie pies.

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