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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

I have a little bit of money earmarked for a vacation. When I put it in my savings account, the intention was to take a family vacation. Of course, we've tried to take the kids different places over the past six months... all local. We have a membership to Conner Prairie and have gone a few times....they complained because they had to walk. We have a zoo membership...I think they did a little better with that. We went to a festival... they complained because they had to walk. We went to Chicago... they complained again.

I have threatened a few times that I would just leave the kids and go on a vacation with Aaron. I was joking, really. But after we went away earlier this month just the two of us, I've thought more about it. Collin is going to be going on a wonderful vacation over Fall Break....Dude's going to California with one of his good friends. The twins are still too young to really enjoy a big vacation, in my opinion. They like to go places, but it becomes less of a good time when the complaining and ungrateful behavior sets in.

So here's where my delimma hits. There is an opportunity to go to Las Vegas for a karate tournament the first weekend of Spring Break next year. I would really love to go. But should I spend my earmarked money on myself and Aaron (cos you bet your bippy that he'd be going with me!)? Or should I save it for the kids?

Decisions, decisions..... more to follow on this topic, I'm sure!


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

The kids will always be around and will always love you (pretty much in the end it all works out okay unless you are a total loser and you are NOT.) So, invest in your marriage. If you put your marriage first, the kids will be fine. If your marriage sucks, the kids will know. Leave the kids at home, if you have anyone who will take them. That's our dilemma, we'd totally vacation without them once a year or so for a few days, but no one can handle Noah, or if they can, they don't really want to. Your kids? Very ditch-able.

5:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely do the Las Vegas trip! Having a great marriage will benefit your kids more than a family vacation. Take the time to feel like you're on your honeymoon again. Have a blast!

10:42 PM

Blogger crazed lunatic said...

you want to know what's funny? Aaron doesn't see this trip as working on our marriage... But any time away without kids (even if it winds up being with a big group of other adults) certainly couldn't HURT a marriage! ;-) He does feel guilty about not using that money for a big family vacation...

8:07 AM


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