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Monday, February 09, 2009


...reasons why this morning has sucked so badly....
  • Got home from southern IN last night at 11. 6:30 was just so not a happy hour to be up this morning.
  • Cold shower. 'Nuf sed.
  • During aforementioned cold shower, Aaron lets me know that Collin's complaining of his stomach hurting.
  • Taking the morning off to be with aforementioned sickie.
  • There is no diet Coke with caffiene in this house.
  • I'm feeling all sinus-y because of the stupid weather.

...update on my Grandad. He's off the vent during the day. They give it back to him at night so that he doesn't have to work so hard to breathe. He's not had dialysis since Tuesday, so that's a good sign. He either needs to be off the vent and able to do dialysis as outpatient, or he needs to be off dialysis in order to move him back closer to home. If they could get him closer, it would relieve a lot of my Gran and Mom. We didn't wind up going to see him yesterday, but wound up hanging out with my Mom and Gran. It was a good visit.


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