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Monday, February 02, 2009


Can't think of a good title for my post. A bullet list of things that happened over the weekend:

  • I am still contemplating on what to do for the layout posted Saturday. Thanks for the ideas! I'm afraid that if I screw too much with it, I'll ruin it. But it really does need some pizzazz.
  • We went out on Saturday, after reassurance from the sitter that she was ok with Mr. Conjunctivitis. Dinner was no so great, but the UFC fights were pretty good.
  • I drank nearly 100 ounces of beer. That's just too much.
  • I woke up a little bit worse for wear on Sunday morning. So I really didn't do much until the afternoon. Heh.
  • Getting together on Super Bowl Sunday with some of our friends has now turned into a bit of a tradition, I suppose. I thought about it, and believe that we've spent five of them in a row together now. Good times with too much food.
  • My eyes itch like none other. Methinks that it's sympathy pains for Griff. He hates getting the drops... and I'm hating giving them. And am not sure how it became my job to do so, but it's been all me. *sigh*
  • Judy is watching my crazy crew today while the teachers have an inservice day. She's now currently deciding on where we're going to do lunch this week. *winks* You're awesome, Miss I'll-Ask-Aaron-Before-They-Even-Realize-They-Need-Someone Judy!
  • My ploy to get more protein in my diet is working. I do protein shakes in the morning. Of course, they're nothing more than a scoop o'crap in milk, shaken to all heaven. But they're not terrible tasting. If I'm not feeling eating meat, I tend to grab a protein bar. But it's going pretty well. Am also trying to cut out a lot of the sugar I take in (as I've just finished off a Frosty from Wendy's....heh). We'll see how this works in my quest to manage my blood sugar and gain muscle (I don't want to be grotesque with the muscles... just want good muscle definition).


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

You know I love me some Kabob Korner.

The kids are great today, but I lost Collin at wal mart. I almost left him. I would have left Noah if it had been him. Thankfully he resurfaced but he was in the area past girl toys, closer to car stuff. WTF?

And I need a big jug of soft soap to refill the containers around the house. Couldn't find it. Do you suppose it is because people at Wal Mart don't use much soap so they don't stock it?

4:13 PM


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