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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Body Is Angry.... feeling the effects of trying something new. You guys know that the sickness of wanting to do more with martial arts is increasing every day with me. I really want to keep learning new things and seeing what I can get my body to do. I just do. So last night, my karate school was closed because the schools had closed that day. So another of the karate-ka from my school and I went to try out a jiu-jitsiu academy. And, while we had that awkward feeling of not being able to do something as well as those around us, both of us agreed that it was an awesome experience. If I could possibly afford it, I would go to both schools. No lie. that same regard, getting my body to try something new leaves it a bit angry with me. All my muscles are sore from the new stuff (and the workouts that I've been doing anyway). And I have so many bruises and scrapes on me that I look like a battered woman. BUT, I totally love that I've tried something new.

...update on cell phone hell: had a brief moment of panic this morning with the phone. My other phone's keypad would lock after a delay in use, making it fit nicely in my pocket without dialing someone with my butt. So, out of habit, I locked the current phone before sticking it in my pocket. And the stupid thing had a lock code! So I called VZW to see if they could unlock it, and broke down into tears when he said that he didn't know if he could, because after it's changed, they don't have access to it. But after my melt-down, he said we could try re-programming the phone to see if that would reset the code. Alas! It worked. Whew.

...a GOOD update on cell phone hell is that another friend told me that sometimes getting the battery wet will cause it to discharge. And that might be my problem with my dead phone. Alas! He was right, so at least I have all my contacts back! Woot! I don't think that I want to switch my phone back, though. But am seriously happy that I have the contacts!


Blogger Liam said...

I left my phone at home today... and they turned off the internet on my phone...*sigh*

12:43 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Are you just going to use Aaron's old phone now?

1:56 PM

Blogger crazed lunatic said...

no idea....

2:45 PM

OpenID ispeakbeanish said...

I'm glad something worked out in the end! That's SO frustrating!

11:49 PM


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