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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Spoke Too Soon.... we had a bit of a rough morning this morning. Not the worst it's ever been, mind you, but we did have a bit of a scuffle. Over the color of Griffin's plate. You see, as Star Student this week, he filled out a survey. Yes, the aforementioned survey where he listed me as his Hero? Well, he also listed his favorite color. Which is green, by the way. So I dole out waffles this morning for breakfast (Bless Kroger and their fake Eggos!). Now. In the past, the only color that was argued over is when I gave Griffin the pink plate by mistake. Not. Any. More. Tears were shed, attitudes unleashed. All because I gave him the blue plate, which before had given no offense. The coveted green plate went to Erin.

....Damn, am worst mother ever. Katie? What would Momof4 do?


Blogger Katie said...

She would have known better to give Griffin the green plate in the first place. And bought name brand Eggo's. ;)

We no longer have color coded plates. It's nice to not have the fights but it makes it trickier figuring out who left their plate on the table after meals.

11:47 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Mom of 4 might have known kid w anted the green plate. I supose she has ESP and good sense, which you are apparently sadly lacking. Now you know better than to let Griffin have the blue plate, eh?

I gotta go buy a green plate by Friday so I can feed him appropriately. Of course, we don't do dishes at my house, we just let the dog lick them clean and then we put them back into the cabinet. Hope you don't mind.

6:45 PM


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