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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday....

....Someone remind me that if I talk about going shopping on Black Friday that I'm nuts. I went by myself this year. No fun at all. I got some stuff for the kids, and a few things for myself. But am still debating on whether it was worth the madness. *sigh*

....Hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving. We had a very relaxing day yesterday, and for that I am truly thankful. The twins woke up fairly early, so I got up with them and got them breakfast. Then we watched back-to-back episodes of Tom and Jerry. I snuggled with the twins for the bulk of the morning, only getting up off the sofa when it was time to head to Aaron's parents' house. Then we ate ourselves into an oblivion. I took a two hour nap on the sofa! And when I got up, we played Trivial Persuit, the 80's version. Being a CHILD in the 80's made the game a bit more difficult! Aaron's dad was loving it, though.

....Today we're heading down to Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Tonight we will have our celebration with my Gran and Grandad. The cousin who got married in October will be there. Am happy to get to spend time with them, as I don't really know his new wife all that well. And, of course, I will get to spend time with my baby brothers, with whom the time spent together is more and more fun.

..... go give Katie some love. I hear there was an incident with some sweet potatoes that mangled her foot up a bit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope y'all have a great day today! I'm debating going to Target when T gets home from work. There's a couple of things I want, but there's no way I'm taking The Bean out into the fray.

10:34 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I went to give Katie some love, but she hasn't blogged about the problem yet. She's still being Thankful. Me? Not so much. Give me some love, too, I'll be with in laws all day Saturday. Let's see who I can annoy with my love for Obama. (Hey, they start it and they know better!)

6:23 AM

Anonymous Lynn said...

I know why the day is called Black Friday. I get the accounting thing but I think it should be smack annoying people in the face and steal from the person who took the last toy from the shelf . Why would the store NOT have an abundance to fulfill the needs of all the people (even the naive) who got their lazy butt out of bed after an eating frenzy and too much alcohol?
Why?!!!! Maybe that's what the day should be called WHY Friday?

9:15 AM


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