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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! I'll be MIA until Monday. Possibly longer, depending on what happens with Grandad. We were given the "We're doing all that we can." speech yesterday. So it's a matter of time, and hopefully Grandad will help us make the decision of what's next as opposed to Gran having to make them. She did sign the DNR. And as much as I'll miss him, my heart breaks for Gran and my Mom. The longer you know someone, the deeper your love is for them. And love runs deep in their family. My Mom (you all know she's my step-mom, right?) has been one of the most important and influential people in my life. And she is who she is because of those two special people she calls Mom and Dad. So watching our family go through this, in addition to my own sense of loss is so very hard. At this point, I want Grandad to be in peace. And if that means I have to miss him for a bit, then so be it. Suck as it may.

....I'll post when I get back with the happier points of my holiday. The twins just opened up Nintendo DS's (Aaron squeezed that one in cos he knows I'm so very weak and not caring at this point!), Collin got a Colts coat and Guitar Hero for his DS (Don't think that we don't spoil him throughout the WHOLE year. He makes out like a wallet is open to the joys of Boy Scouts and karate!). Aaron got me tickets to Disturbed and a necklace (poor guy...I picked them out myself!). I got Aaron Colts PJ bottoms, a Reggie Wayne jersey, and Cubs cups.

...Soon we're off to Southern Indiana. I want to be with my family. But I also want to crawl under a rock, go to sleep, and wake up when this is all over. Good deal that my family is so awesome. We'll all prop eachother up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. I'll be thinking of y'all.

11:42 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I miss my Grandparents deeply.

The boys got fun flannel sheets and padded mattress pads and they are stoked for their new soft cushy comfort! Who knew?

They also got toys they wanted, but Noah's most played with gift is a baby stuffed gorilla. We also adopted him a child gorilla from the Brookfiled Zoo and adopted Seth a penguin. Noah has a large Gorilla stuffed animal he has always liked, so he has been playing mommy and baby all day. Don't tell Collin, I am sure this isn't "cool."

5:58 PM

Anonymous Lynn said...

thinking about you....Lynn

10:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Steph! I feel so bad for you and Aaron. I would have been happy to help out too. I'm hoping you are having some bright moments in Southern Indiana despite your grandpa's condition. Take care. Love & hugs. Let me know if you need anything - seriously. Stephenie

10:56 AM


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