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Monday, December 15, 2008

Wicked Fun..... I had a blast tonight. Just polished off a venti Peppermint Mocha so am a bit on the non-sleepy side. David made it in plenty of time for the concert. I beat a path out from work and went downtown, calling him on the way to check and see where he was. He and I made it downtown right about the same time, which worked perfect. Not so perfect? My brother's inability to know what direction he was going. North, South, East and West mean NOTHING to him. Which does not a lot for the girl who knows only enough about downtown to visually get myself where I need to be! I talk him through to where we want to be. I don't think I laughed harder in that fifteen minutes (or more?) alone. But I FINALLY got him to where I was. So we decide that it's colder than crap outside, and head to the nearest restaurant...the Rathskellar, which just so happens to be across the street from the Murat, the concert hall. Sweet! Not so sweet? We sit down to order, and they don't serve sandwiches after lunchtime? WTF? We wait HALF AN HOUR for them to tell us this. But they decided to go ahead and let us order a sandwich anyway. So we do (cos seriously? Didn't feel like spending fifty bucks on dinner!).

....we catch up over dinner, and David seriously makes me laugh throughout the whole thing. Then, we wait about ten or fifteen minutes outside and freeze our asses off to get patted down before going in (it's seriously about 20 degrees F out!). We get inside, and have an absolute BLAST. We see my friend Kelly very briefly (he was on some hot date... lol), but spend the rest of the time just the two of us. As you can see by my accumulated pics, we were quite close to the stage.

....for a bit of the show, I believe I was behind the tallest man in the room. Seriously, the dude was at the very least a foot taller than me. But with time, he migrated a bit away from us, so I got a fairly unobstructed view of the stage, save the Fists in the Air (You Disturbed Fans will understand! *winks*). One of the funniest happenings of the night was this older woman who decided that she would dirty dance behind me.....David decided that at least I wasn't as old as her, but if I EVER started molesting young girls the way she did me, that he would NEVER go with me to another concert. The other funny happening is the fact that David has Spidey-Senses and could hear the conversations around us after the show. All of a sudden, I do smell pee, which I proclaim in my post-concert-I-think-I'll-never-hear-again gymnasium voice. He cracks his shit up, takes me away from the people we were just standing beside, and tells me how he overheard a guy telling someone that he wet himself a little.....crack my shit up.

...So am so happy that I got to spend this time with my brother. I love him dearly, and can't wait to see him over the holidays and spend more time with him. He's awesome.

....A small funny before I go. Griffin likes to bring a stuffed animal with him to the bus stop in the mornings. Not sure why. He just does. I usually drive us to the end of the cul-de-sac and then beat a path out when the bus comes. So whoever comes with us to the bus stop goes with me to work. Well, I realize after the bus is on its way that Brown Doggy is with me in the car. I warn Griffin that I wouldn't make it home in time for bed, and that Brown Doggy would be going with me to the concert. Thanks to Guitar Hero, Griffin knows Disturbed, and since I like them, likes them, too. So I told Griffin that Brown Doggy would let him know what happened at the concert. He seemed to like that idea.


Blogger Katie said...

Awesome pictures! I'm so glad you had a great time and woohoo for post concert deafness! ;)

8:23 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I wonder what brown doggy has to say "I got left in the f@#$^%& car after being promised tix to the concert. She didn't even get me dinner and my tail froze off waiting for her to return..."

8:55 AM

OpenID ispeakbeanish said...

Glad y'all had fun!

11:04 PM


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