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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Griffin Four-Eyes... Griffin failed his eye screening at school earlier in the year. I find out that he should have had an appointment in 2006, but we'd moved and they didn't follow us. So we didn't show up. Fast forward two years, and the child fails the screening. So, we make an appointment. For today. Which felt like a lifetime away back when I made it. So he goes with Aaron today. Yep. He needs glasses. The kicker? His left eye (same as Erin's) is ALSO lazy. So we will be patching his eye for 2-3 hours a day now, too. Joy.

...Part of me cannot help but feel like a derelict mom for not getting him into the eye doctor sooner. He WAS a preemie, for crying out loud! I'm trying to console myself with the fact that parents of full-term kiddos would not likely have eye exams for their kids until this age anyway. But I still feel horrible. *sigh*


Blogger Liam said...

My daughter recently got glasses... and she was SOOOO excited... I have glasses.. my wife has glasses her cousin that she's best friends with has glasses... now she has them too...

3:20 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Seth just failed his eye test and I have not yet made an appointment for him. I am hoping LensCrafters takes our insurance, as WalMart does not. At least I did try to get the kid an appointment.

5:03 PM

OpenID ispeakbeanish said...

What? Preemies need eye exams earlier even without ROP? Acckkk! Why hasn't the pedi mentioned this to me, and how did I miss it? Guess what I'll be looking in to now!

PS. Sorry about the eye patch. I can just imagine how fun that would be with The Bean. I'm sure it's the same with your two!

11:23 PM

Blogger Katie said...

It happens, don't feel bad. I'll order more patches. ;)

11:03 AM


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