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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Warbles....

  • These guys are worth a listen. You would think since they're touring with Disturbed that you wouldn't like them unless you're a heavy rocker. But they're not really. It amazes me how different they sound recorded than live.
  • My drive way rivals Rockerfeller Center right now. Thought that perhaps the roads were as bad, so I wore jeans to work today in case my car went off the road (and tennis shoes so that I wouldn't look like the crooks from Home Alone and fall on the ice). But alas, the only parts that are icy are the drive ways, side streets, and parking lots.
  • Went to a schwanky restaurant for our company holiday dinner last night. Am a certifiable redneck at heart, so I felt a bit out of place. The food wasn't all that fantastic, either.
  • My back is telling me to get on the wagon with hard-core exercise again.
  • My ears are still ringing.
  • If someone is so health-conscious as to use the toilet seat cover, don't you think it a bit odd that they wouldn't do the next health-conscious user the courtesy of ensuring that it flushes down? Seriously. Ew.


Blogger Alaina said...

Dude, you didn't like Ruth's Chris? What's wrong with you? :-) Clearly you didn't order the right things...ha

12:26 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Alaina, I worry about her too. Cause steak and potatoes is kinda redneck. ;)

12:56 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Could you ditch Aaron and declare me your life partner so that I, too, can eat schwanky with you? Seriously, I am so nice that whatever you ordered that you did not love, I would eat for you. I would even lick your plate clean if that is what you wanted.

4:15 PM


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