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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas. A Bullet List....

...OK, so I did promise the good points of Christmas, so here it is....

  • Getting lots of hugs and understanding from my in-laws when I got in the door on Wednesday afternoon. I am so appreciative of the kindness they showed to me when I needed it most.
  • The before-Christmas-Eve-Mass shot with my SIL. Raspberry vodka this year! Is a bit of a tradition now....
  • Getting to see my friend who actually lives close to me at Christmas Eve Mass. Is fun to catch up. And feel guilty that we don't see eachother more often.
  • Watching the kids open their presents. We left the DS's for last, but the twins opened up things like DS holders, DS styluses and screen protectors, and DS games before opening the real deal. Was wondering if they were going to be able to deduce what they were getting.
  • Cracking up because they still had no clue.
  • Watching the look of confusion on Collin's face when the box containing his Colts coat was a beer box. Santa has a sense of humor in our house.
  • Feeling loved by my family as we all gathered together to celebrate Christmas without Gran and Grandad.
  • Hanging out with Joshua (brother), Ashley (Josh's wife), and David (baby bro). Along with my cousins. They make going home a huge joy.
  • Watching my parents open the presents we'd gotten them. We got my mom a lighthouse egg timer and my Dad the government mug from
  • Hanging out with Joshua and Ashley in Evansville...we had a relaxing dinner with them at Lonestar restaurant.
  • Coors Light on tap at Lonestar!
  • Hearing the twins and Collin rave about getting to spend time alone with my mom.
  • Lunch with Aaron's Grandpa yesterday. He's such a sweet man.

So there you have it. Not as happy-go-lucky as I should be, but my brain is still fried from all the vent settings, dialysis, and heart rates of Grandad.

Thanks for all your thoughts and loving that you've given me over the past few weeks. You've no idea how much that means to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are great memories and moments. Sounds like you have a wonderful family!

10:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you've had some good moments. The pre-mass shot makes me laugh! Stephenie

11:53 PM

Blogger Jules said...

It's so important to focus on those great memories and moments. They make the rest just a little bit easier. Pre-mass shot. You are hilarious!

9:12 AM


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