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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back In Town! we just got back from our trip to Southern Indiana. It's with a guarded heart that I report that Grandad is making good progress. The new hospital has tried some different things (dialysis...tweaked vent settings.... cleanliness, etc) that have gotten him a lot further than what he was. To go from saying good-bye in my heart to seeing him exhausted from rounds of tests and on lower vent settings has gotten me confused and not knowing what to think. Part of me feels like if I get too excited about his progress that I'll have to take it all back again. So he's doing better, and I'll be the first to do the happiest dance ever when he's getting OUT of the hospital. Until then, I'll remain cautiously optimistic. I keep thinking that if my heart can't take much more, that my Gran, Mom, Aunt and Uncle must really be having a tough time. So, at this point, they've brought him out of his sedation and my Gran reports that he's tracking her voice with his eyes when he hears her. This is good progress. I'm just sorry that when I went in to say good-bye yesterday and give him a kiss on the forehead that I would have known for certain that he knew we were there. mind is still on that part of Christmas. I'll tell you more about the GOOD stuff. Swear. But for now, I'm home, doing loads of laundry, and trying to get toys in kids' rooms rather than in my living room.

...oh, and go tell Judy how awesome it is that she has unlimited texting! WOOT! Another person to stalk!


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I hope guinea pigs like children. the boys built them a fort out of couch cushions and when they sneak out, they get chased down. All weekend long this noisiness has been going on. The piggies don't look tired, but how would I know? They don't pant or breathe heavy or hang their tongues out.

Seth made a sign "Piggie Play Place"

9:15 PM

Anonymous Lynn said...

Welcome home!

9:38 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Judy, glad you went with unlimited from the get go. I learned my lesson. ;)

Welcome back and still sending healing thoughts for your Grandad/

10:00 AM

Blogger Jules said...

I'm glad your Grandad is making some progress Steph. Welcome home.

10:09 AM


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