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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Different Bar....

...ok, so my philosophy on going to a bar is that I should be the one making the most noise. (Narcissistic much? I know....) There is a bar down the road from my old bar that has four dollar pitchers on Wednesdays.... the drawback? Karaoke! Um.... no thank you! Part of the allure of going out for me is talking to people. When you have people crooning into the microphone, it's very difficult to carry on a conversation.... anyway, I went to a different bar on a different side of town with one of my karate buddies. They don't have Coors Light on draught at this bar! Doh! Should have investigated before agreeing to go there. So I ponder for a minute, and finally tell the bar tender to suggest something for me. He mixes me a vanilla vodka and ginger ale. Was very tasty! And, I sucked it down in 20 mins flat. If that. Knowing that said drink is more expensive than beer, I ordered Miller Light on tap. Is not the same, but is like Mello Yello to the Mountain Dew drinker. Sometimes you just take one for the team. So I have a few... numbers mean nothing! *winks* We play a few rounds of pool, and then wind up going to someone's house for a few rounds at the Wii. forward to 6:30 this morning, and you will find me horking in my bathroom. I seriously didn't drink that much. I'm blaming the hard alcohol.

*slurps down Mt. Dew and Tylenol*


Blogger Liam said...

Funny karaoke story... went out with my parents many years ago and they had karaoke... well one of people my age got up and sang "Hotel California"... ALL of hte people my age in the bar were singing along and my parents were shocked that EVERYONE knew the lyrics...

1:08 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Just a few huh? Vanilla vodka is fantastic! YOu would probably like it mixed with Coke, well, Diet Coke for you cause I know you love that stuff. You should try it!

Hope the tylenol helped.

3:38 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

Hope by now you are feeling much better!

7:18 PM

Blogger Lynn said...

oh man! I believed that old saying...liquor before beer never fear.
guess it ain't so??? Lynn

10:10 PM


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