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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A quiet Weekend....

....and I do love some quiet weekends. There just aren't enough of them around here.

....Friday night, we had our first competition class at karate. Am crossing my fingers that it will be good. We'll see. A shout out to Stephenie for keeping the Gruesome Twosome so that Collin and I could go to class and Aaron could go spend the night with his friend Curt. Class went well. Erin and Griffin had a good time. Until I got there. And then Erin turned evil. It happens. And cuts the night severly short! I took them home and put them in bed. And then I took a shower and read the final pages of Raven Rise, the ninth Pendragon book. Is a good series. I started Brisingr, the third book in the Eragon series. I claimed my favorite side of the bed back as well. Lord help me if I should ever try to spend the night someplace else.... I'll probably have a replacement when I get home! *winks*

...Saturday, the twins let me sleep in until about 8:40, though they were awake before 8. Actually, the odd thing is that they NEVER came into my room. Usually, they hop in bed with me. Anyway, we came downstairs and I fixed them breakfast. I took some time to enter in my Monopoly codes. I didn't realize that you could only enter 10 a day. I still have two more days' worth of codes to play. Yes...I've an addiction to McD's. It's not something to be proud of.... After that I took the twins to the library after giving Collin permission to go to a movie with a friend. His first movie where an adult wasn't in the same theater as him. *nostalgic sigh* So we went to the library and I put the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, on hold, as well as Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists (Did I mention that I'm going to see them on December 15th?? *winks*). After the library, I took the twins to Burger King because they wanted iDog toys. I went through McDonalds', and we took our booty home to feast. Later in the day, we went to see Wall-E. Was a good movie. I do agree with Judy when she said that it was a bit preachy. But if you let trash build up and don't recycle, the Earth will eventually be covered. And if you ride along in a floating chair and NEVER walk around on your own, you will gain weight. Love the Earth. Love yourself. Recycle. Exercise.

....Today we went to church, and soon my friend Todd will be coming over to watch non-Colts football and eat lunch with us. Is so very nice not to have any real plans!


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