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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy Week To Come... yesterday was the start of a busy week. I ate lunch with Judy on the spur of the moment. After work I went to see about Collin's saxophone. Slammed down supper. Took Collin to Boy Scouts. Went to karate. Picked Collin up from Scouts. Worked out a little more at home. Loaded up my new iPod...that was Collin's old iPod, but we got him a new one off eBay for his birthday so he gave me his old one. Read a bit. Then went to bed....Busy day! we will get together to celebrate Judy's birthday. We're having a Mexican feast (which totally cracks me up as we had a Mexican feast yesterday at Taco Bell for lunch!) and perhaps watching a movie. The rest of the week will be the normal busy stuff. Karate, karate, more karate.... only the kids will have Fall Break on Thursday and Friday. I know that Aaron's anxious to get the time off!

....the twins fought a lot yesterday evening. I think it largely has to do with the total lack of sleep over the weekend. Anyway, I heard that Griffin did some pounding on Erin while they were Krogering yesterday. So, being the great mom I am, proceded to make their ears bleed by yelling at them. When they fight I remind them that having brothers and sisters is special. I ended it by saying "Because when your dad and I are done screwing you up, you'll only have eachother. So you better be nice!" Don't know where it came from. But it makes me giggle now.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Your kids are being raised in a loving home, with two great parents who aren't alcoholic, drug addicted spend thrifts. If your kids are screwed up, it's their own damn fault.

Noah was naughty and I told him not to talk to em and walked out of the room, he is near tears. Lil shit would rather I yell at him, but ignoring him is working today. When I decide to speak to him again he'll be sorry to hear he is grounded.

3:49 PM


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