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Friday, October 10, 2008

Competition....Karate and Politics? it's funny that they should appear in the same post.

....tonight was our first meeting for our karate school's competition team. I'm excited about the prospect of improving my fighting skills. Am hoping that I can learn enough to keep going with tournaments. We shall see. I have several things tossing about in my head regarding my martial arts future, and much of it depends on how things go with the competition team.

...Collin and I went to sparring class before the meeting, and both took some swift hits to the solar of my black belt buddies delivered my punch to me. I wound up delivering Collin's punch to him. YIKES! Felt really bad about that. But, am very happy to report that.... 1) Collin forgave me. and 2) Collin got back in the game. Of course, I got back in the game, too, after my hit. But let me just say, it took me a second to get my wind back. Usually I just shake it off and keep going. I had to stand there for a few seconds before my breathing returned to normal. Not my partner's fault, really. I walked completely into it. Oh, and Collin snagged me in the face as I was nailing his chest. So he got me back, really.

...anyway, I have my loyalties where the vote is concerned. And if you sign up on anyone's website, you'll get bombarded with emails to either donate to the cause or to get involved in the cause. Now, because I have my viewpoints doesn't mean in any way shape or form that I feel comfortable either calling people or knocking on doors. 1) I do not feel that it is my place to tell anyone which way to cast their vote. 2) I do not feel that my intelligence level would be adequate to hold any sort of arguments. HOWEVER, I've been called since the beginning to get involved, both figuratively and literally speaking. Today I got a call to help out this weekend. At first they said that they would love for me to call others. Um. No. Sorry. BUT, I will do anything BEHIND THE SCENES to help out the cause. So am going on Sunday to do some data entry for the cause.

....and for those of you who are my faithful readers, I have only one thing to say. VOTE. Make your voice heard, whether it be for either candidate. But do it.


Anonymous Alaina said...

Go Steph! I'm totally there behind you 100% on that. But yeah, I wouldn't like having to call people so much either....

10:30 PM


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