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Friday, October 10, 2008

Rough Morning... have been waking up around the same time as Aaron, which is 6, and is about 35-45 minutes earlier than I should be up. If I am out of bed by 6:45, I can grab a shower and start getting ready before the twins get up at 7. This makes for an easier-going morning. Well, as easy as it gets when you're working with two needy five year-olds. Yes, my friends, I've coddled my kids a bit when it comes to getting ready. Actually, I don't think that I've coddled them so much as having to play task master to them. If I'm not in the same room with them, they don't do what they need to do. So, say, if I try to go slap on some make-up and do my hair while they're eating, they'll never finish. So 15 minutes will go by, and I'm not sure what they've done, but it wasn't eating. So, anyway, getting up after 7 this morning was a bad idea. And for whatever reason, it took me half a freaking hour to shower? Not sure what is wrong with me. Aaron was nice and took care of breakfast detail while I showered. Or I swear, we'd still be at home! So after my shower, I put a boot to the twins' butts to get them dressed and their teeth brushed. No problem. Everything was groovy until I tried to put Erin's eye patch on. You see, we've had two different sizes of the same eye patch. Well, she prefers the SMALLER one. But we had a LARGER one put out this morning. She threw a fit and absolutely refused to let me put it on her. So I told her that she was actively making the choice to have a lazy eye. And that little tussle put us at the point of missing the bus. And the driver waited for us. Was just going to take them to school, but he waited. So we ran to the bus stop.

...then I get to work. We send out our payables every week on Friday. Our postal machine ran out of ink. No problem! I always order extra cartridges so that we never are out of ink. Unless the supplier sends the wrong cartridge. *sigh* not feeling this shit today, folks.

.....Anyway, want to shout out to Judy. She is one of my dearest friends ever, and one of the funniest, nicest, craftiest, most caring, most open-minded people you'll ever meet. Today is her birthday. And she likes comments on her blog, so go tell her Happy Birthday!


Blogger Katie said...

At least it's Friday right?

It was good seeing you at lunch, hope you are feeling better soon!

2:58 PM

OpenID ispeakbeanish said...

Love mornings like that!

10:41 PM


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