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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Tuesday....

....not much ado Chez Byers. While my family was off galavanting to Scotty's Brewhouse (yes, they have a family space) for lunch, and the sprinkler park afterward, I was working. Sometimes I feel like I get a lot accomplished, and then other times I feel like I just spin my wheels. The interuptions are endless.
....So I'm still dreaming of all things Canon XSi. I took a gander at Best Buy tonight. We'll see. I'll likely end up with it sooner or later. Sooner, probably.
...but in the mean time, I think that I just need my buddy Matt to come and take all my pictures for me. He took this photo of Erin, and I. Heart. It.
... OK, off to buy the Field Guide to my camera. That's another thing that Matt and Nay have suggested. Perhaps if I can total figure out what my camera is capable of, I won't feel the burning need to buy another one. I doubt it, but less than 100 bucks between a private class and a field guide might just be what I need.
....Oh, and finally, I will be taking a much needed vacation! I have booked us for three nights at Orchard Beach State Park in Michigan. The campground is just stairs away from the beaches of Lake Michigan. We'll see. It might be hell on earth, but I'd like to think that we'll get away and relax.


Blogger Auntie said...

You got OCD for the camera. Wait a few months to see if you still want it and if you do, join a local OCD meeting. I can certainly join you...

9:36 PM

Blogger Aaron B. said...

Scotty's has nice outdoor seating and a great beer selection. Just saying.

10:51 AM

Blogger Aaron B. said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:51 AM


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