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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

System of a Down....

...yes the music group System of a Down. Anyone know enough about them to think that they might sound like They Might Be Giants on crack?


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I am a giant loser on crack. Is that what you wnated to know?

1:14 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said... wondering if anyone else thought the band System of a Down sounded like They Might Be Giants on crack.....

...pretty much anyone's a loser on crack, whether it be the plumber or the smoking kind, no?

1:16 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

My kids ahve done nothing but fight with each other since vacation started.I am losing my mind.

My mother called today to fill me in on her fun filled plans of lunch with friends, brisge, travel, shopping, etc....she is much to busy to see her grandchildren any time soon. I am going to write a special note to her in my suicide letter. (Okay, no one freak, I wouldn't kill myself, just lock myself into an asylum that does not allow children to even visit.)

10:52 AM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

on meth maybe, not on crack.

1:10 PM


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