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Monday, June 09, 2008

Making the Best of It... anyone who had a wedding in the Southern part of Indiana knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about here. I know of two ill-fated weddings to happen this weekend. So Aaron's cousin got married on Saturday in Terre Haute. Which so happened to be under a state of emergency. Half of Aaron's family, ourselves included, didn't make it to the wedding because we were stuck on the interstate and diverted roads. The interstate just so happened to collapse due to the flooding. Nice. The reception was moved to a bar in town, which had been closed down for the party. Good job, too, considering my children may or may not have been belly up to the bar, right in front of the little machine on which people play Naked Photo Hunt. We made the best of a bad situation. We were much more lucky than a colleague of mine who was stranded at the place where her sister's wedding was to take place. I hear there was free alcohol involved.

....Other things that may or may not have occurred this weekend include:
  1. me sharing a cigar with Aaron's cousin's husband
  2. with my daughter milling about
  3. finding that I actually do like beer OTHER than Coors Light
  4. shopping with Erin on Friday evening
  5. me being driven into a panic when the lights at Target went out on us and not being able to see Erin
  6. me being utterly relieved that Nay came to bail me out of what would have otherwise been a really bad shopping trip
  7. me fitting into sizes smaller than the 10's and 12's I'd been putting myself in


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I am glad Nay is there to bail you out, and it wasn't jail this time!

I spent an evening with a crazy drunk Ukranian I will have to blog about that tomorrow. I already wrote too much for today.

2:37 PM


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