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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Caffiene deprived, and no end in sight....

...ok, so knowing that all the diet Coke has likely been hurting the efforts of being pain free rather than helping them, I've decided to wean myself off of diet Coke. I'm down to two a day, and living in a sad, caffiene and cold fizzy bubble goodness-deprived world. Am not happy. At all.

...So I went to the urologist yesterday, which Aaron so lovingly called the pee pee doctor. He tested my urine (loverly, no?), and found that whatever infection they've been seeing is, indeed, clearing up. He has very sketchy explanations of why I have pain still. He called it referred pain. Kind of like when you hit your funny bone, your fingers tingle. Well, he seems to think that I have had a bad bladder infection that is causing the pain to radiate to my kidneys. His other explanation is that the infection is in my ureter, for which the antibiotics that I'm currently on will not treat. Should I have said infection, I am going to receive a one month's supply of an antibiotic. So if the pain persists past Monday, I will call and we'll see about this new round of antibiotics. And, after one month, if the pain still persists, it's likely NOT to do with my urinary tract and I'm back to square fucking one. Am not happy. At all.

...a bright spot...This morning, Aaron got the bug up his hinderparts to make pancakes for breakfast. I told him that Griffin was stoked. Griffin said "Yes, I'm stho happy!" I said "Griffin, say 'I'm so stoked!'" He says, "I'm stho sthoaked." No matter what I did, he said "soaked" instead of "stoked." Makes me giggle. Love that little man. Of course, then he proceded to throw a big fit when we got to school. Love him anyway.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Next time aaron makes pancakes I might come over!

O kay, not really, but I would run over in my jammies if he made biscuits and gravy.

I hope you feel better soon, and I am sure everyone else who reads this wishes you to feel better, too.

2:50 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

yep....i hope u feel better soon 2 !

9:15 PM


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