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Monday, March 03, 2008


...have some notsofun things happening. Karma, the nasty bitch that she is, is getting me back for all the horrible things I've done in life and is causing my body to revolt against me. Am in pain. I won't go into the details...TMI... but suffice it to say that I've not had anything like this before. And it freaked me out enough to call the doc on call last night. I will be fine (it's not that horrible...just painful and not something I wanna chat about in details here). Thank goodness for medicine that seems to be fast-acting.

....while I'm throwing a pity party for one here, I shall tell you that we had the kids' birthday party on Saturday. I thought I would be a nice momma and answer Erin's request for a party at Chuck E. Cheese. I knew that it might be a bit busier on a Saturday, but wasn't prepared for the utter hell of the chaos that is a birthday party there on a Saturday. They didn't even have beer I liked! It was insane. Absolutely insane. And something I will NEVER do again. There is something to be said for parties at home. And that's where they'll be from now on.

....I broke down and paid full price for Breaking Benjamin's "Phobia" cd. And am darn happy I did. Nothing like a good cd to make a simple girl like me happy. And, yes, I am a heathen who listens to music with lots o'curse words..... *wink*


Blogger Auntie said...

I love having heathens for friends as they make for the most intersting people! *smiles*

12:38 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Sorry about your illness, but CE C always sucks. Hope the kids got some good loot.

5:34 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Chuck E Cheese is evil, you are a very brave, loving mommy. Hope you feel better soon!

6:39 PM


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