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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Call It Mother's Intuition...

(this is my current favorite picture) Aaron is home with the twins today. Erin spiked a temp last night. She got out of bed to lay on the floor in the hallway at about 4 this morning. And she had a 101.5 temp. Not too shabby, but enough to make her feel like crap and keep her home for the day. Aaron is also currently feeling poorly and has paid time off, so he is the unlucky soul to deal with them today. I say unlucky because he is just NOT as good as I am with taking care of sick children. As much as mothers know when their kids are going to get sick, they also know the right stuff to make them feel better. Not that Aaron does a bad job of taking care of sick kids. I just do a better job. Conceited and narcissistic? Why yes... yes I am.

... Nothing much else going on around the Asylum. Collin and I had sparring class last night. I sparred with a 13 year old loose cannon and beaned him in the stomach. Hard. He sat out for 10 minutes. Then wanted a rematch. Seriously, the boy's taller than I am. And he's nuts. Now I know why a kid has to start over from 1st degree black belt when he turns 16. Kids younger than that just can't control their bodies the way adults can. I feel a bit badly for the boy. But he seriously is a lunatic to spar with. He'll go at someone without pads on. You're not supposed to do that.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Do his parents know he is a loose cannon, or do they think you beat their poor kid up? You go, Girl!

12:35 PM


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