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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday...that's my fun day....

...well, hopefully it will turn out to be more fun than church this morning was. We try so very hard to get everyone to church and to instill holiness in them. Where does it get me? Feeling really fucking unholy, let me tell you. After an hour of trying to keep two rambunctous three year-olds semi-under control, I feel worse off than when I started.

...this afternoon, we'll be going down into Indy to see some friends. They're actually friends of a friend, but since we get together yearly for the fantasy football draft, they've become friends. Unfortunately, we only see them once or twice a year. They have two girls that the twins are sandwiched between. So one girl is a bit old and one girl is a bit young, but they get on pretty well. And every year I find how easy it is to be around them, and how I would love to see them more. Then a year goes by (or six months), and we marvel again at how fast time goes by and how hectic everything is.

...still feeling a bit couped up and sad. Aaron feels it, too, I know. He has his own measure of that to deal with on top of mine. This, too, shall pass, right? The kids will grow up a bit and leave us in a position of not wanting to run away all the time, right?


Anonymous Judy said...

The mood must be contagious. Scott and I are feeling it, too.

5:11 PM


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