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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Office Libraries...., people sometimes, when they have an office that is not a glorified cubicle, will have a selection of books in their office library.

Example of a Good book: The Leader In You

Example of a Bad Book: Sex for One: The Joy of Discovering Self-Love

...why am I bringing this up. Well, I got to do office inventory today. You do the math. Sometimes, it's not so bad to be the office monkey.... muhahahahaha

....and when I was at my former job, my boss always used to say that if she wanted to know anything, work related or otherwise, all she had to do was ask the receptionist/secretary. Well, she might not be off-base at all....


Blogger nain said...

That's almost as funny as the task I told you and Aaron about on Sunday :-)

8:06 PM

Anonymous M@ said...

Though I'm sure you photocopied the good parts. ;)

8:35 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

So which of those two did you take home??? I'm sure I know which one Aaron was rooting for.

9:53 PM

Anonymous Mike Hunt said...

How did my book get to YOUR office?

12:16 AM

Blogger JesseJames said...

You should have stolen it for a laugh - they're hardly going to star asking around if anyone knows where it is, are they?

4:31 AM

Blogger nain said...

Guess whose computer isn't working again this morning????

8:33 AM

Blogger Katie said...


9:02 AM

Anonymous judy said...

And thus ends Seth's first full week of First Grade, he threw up in class today! Poor kid, I think it is hysterically funny, but I haven't been able to ask him the details yet. I hope he didn't barf on some poor unsuspectinf kid. I guess he really doesn't like First Grade!

4:05 PM

Blogger Cath said...

LOL, just hope the book wasnt yours missy!

6:42 PM


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