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Friday, August 25, 2006

Freaky Friday....

.... OK, I lied. There is never anything freaky going on around here. Not with three kids hanging around. Feeling a bit couped up in my life right now. Perhaps it's a bit of a quarter-life crisis. Four years too late, but hey, ho.... You never know... I might live to be 120. Longevity is in my genes. OK, so no one lived to be older than, say, 97, but still.

...anyway, feeling a bit like there is no fun left to be had with my life. I know, I know, perhaps giving up the anti-depressants was a bit premature and too lofty of a goal. lol

....on a much lighter note, no... the book was not in MY office, because I don't have an OFFICE. Didn't I tell you people that I was the RECEPTIONIST?? Receptionists don't have They're much more *important* than that....They get desks in the middle of the freaking floor with nary a filing cabinet in which to put their unmentionables. OK, well, I take back the bit about the filing cabinet. The boss (one of many, you might recall) who occasionally reads this rag *waves to boss currently out of the office on a huge vacation leave* did let me spring for the cabinet, of which I have made good use. But.... I don't have an office. So, no, it was not my office. Today, in asking whether or not things like books and other nostalgic paraphenalia should be made part of the inventory, I am happy to report that I was told that books were unnecessary. *WHEW* Don't worry, dear boss who reads this bit of rubbish known as my diary, it was not YOUR office, either. *winks*


Blogger Auntie said...

I have tried many times getting off anti-depressents....always got back on just makes life much more easier....for everyone!

TAC - Billing cycle for credit card will be in about 23 days....I will just need it by however you want to pay it during those days would be fine!

BTW, we want the twins to take turns coming over and playing...what do you think?

12:25 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Shoot, I left you a comment earlier and it didn't "take".

4:32 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

auntie....that's a negative, ghostrider..... here's why. three year-olds will not understand the logic behind it. granted, i understand wholeheartedly why you would not want both children to bless your home with a messy toy-room, but this scenario only opens up a can of jealousy which i don't want to have to deal with. both erin and griffin want to do what the other one is doing. they will see it as being slighted when it's not their turn. granted, i understand also that they will not be able to do everything that the other is doing. that they'll have separate friends. but right now, they both like "niece" and will be feeling incredibly left out if they don't get to go together.

4:34 PM


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