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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

let's do the hump, humpty-hump.... in a funky mood today. feel like being a smartass. hehe. can't believe that it's already wednesday. where did monday and tuesday go??'s been a decent week so far. Mrs. Dr. Jekyll has been in da house this week so far, so that's been a good thing. I just beat about my business and try to avoid her, honestly, but she's been nice to me these past few days. Am waiting for the other shoe to drop, but maybe she got my gentle hints that maybe she's not always nice to me. While discussing a terminated manager, I told her that this person has to realize that if she treats people with disrespect that they won't want to work for her. Of course, this was under the guise of talking about the termintated manager, and not her, but she was uncannily nicer to me after that. Additionally, we were talking about the file room, and she said that these new-fangled things that you can get would be helpful (they're something where you can tell what the file is by looking on top instead of having to rifle through the entire thing, which isn't set up terribly anyway, to get what you want). I said that I was unsure that we needed them, so we shouldn't bother. And she said that the upper management couldn't really find their way around. "Well," I said, "like you so lovingly told me in my first week here, it's not rocket science, is it?" She's been a wee bit nicer to me after that. Wonder how long it will last. It would be so much easier if she were just mean all the time. But the little spouts of niceness make me too comfortable, so when the next bout of meanness happens, it hurts worse than the first.


Anonymous Judy said...

Mean people suck.

I accomplished very little today but am tired to the bone and cannot wait to send the kids to bed, so I can go, too.

7:51 PM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

My buddy Chris has a manager like yours, multiple personality disorder... realy weirdo.

9:10 AM


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