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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Good Saturday.... today went fairly well. It was more relaxed than I anticipated. A few unexpected guests came by, and that took up the time that would have otherwise been spent doing things like painting the house (for Aaron) or doing the laundry (for me). I did, however, get some familial filing done, which has made a very microscopic dent in what is the pit of my craft area., these unexpected guests?? One, my sister-in-law and niece came by this morning. SIL's car is getting quite small for the niece's car seat (it was a two-door coupe), so she neeed a new vehicle. BIL has been working a lot, since it's his busy season at work, so she had Aaron take her to a few car dealerships until he got home this afternoon. So, the niece, being the four-month old that she is, wouldn't have wanted to hang out and look at cars for very long, though I have no doubts that she would have been decent she stayed with me. *grins* She's so cute and snuggly! I do miss having babies around my house, even though I wouldn't want to go back to doing daycare.

....the other unexpected (up until Thursday evening, that is) guests were my Gran and Grandad. They came and took us to McDonalds' for lunch. There was a small overlap in having my niece with me and them coming, but we managed just fine, and I think that my Gran was happy to see a bitty baby, too. We just don't have them that small on our side of the family right now.

...and this afternoon and evening, we had our anticipated guests. We'd planned last month to get together with some friends from Aaron's fantasy football league. It's so nice to hang out with other people that are in my same life-stage. Younger kids (or, like Judy, kids around the same age as Collin) and credit card debt and all that fun stuff that makes life so "interesting" right now. There is a measure of comfort in knowing that there are others who are very similar to you.

...anyway, I'm sleepy, and I feel like I should clean up a bit before heading to bed with my belly full of gin and Minute Maid cherry limeaid (a very good mixed drink, by the way).

How was everyone else's weekend??


Blogger nain said...

hey! I might be stopping by after tomorrow's bridal shower which gets out at 3:00 - I'll give you guys a call if I do! Not sure for how long, but I do want to say hey if I can :-) Glad you had a good day!

11:59 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

We went out for a fancy meal last week, burgers at Ted's Montana Grill, you know how it is, you wouldn't take the kids there dueto the prices, but for the two of us, we could swing it. I got the Chery Lemonade. Mmmmm... I'll have to try the Minute Maid Cherry Limeade. Sounds delicious and with a little gin, who knows what could happen? For the price of a container of it at the grocery, I could get one glass of Ted's lemonade.

I did a little scrappin this weekend, trying to get caught up. I know you laugh, but I need to get my pages done and finish off an album for Seth.

3:47 PM


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