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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beware, the Pissed off Office Monkey...., some of you long-time readers might note that I've had some struggles with religion/spirituality in the past. Well, I take it back, I still have struggles with religion/spirituality, and they come to a head during days like today. So, we decide to get Collin back into religious education this year, after a year hiatus. We were lazy, and I didn't want to push the issue last year. I just didn't feel it, and neither must have Aaron, or Collin would have attended last year. So rewind just a little bit before the religious education year, and let me all remind you of our residential relocation? Well, apparently, we forgot to notify the church. Fast forward back to the present, and you find the Woman-Formerly-Known-As-Zookeeper signing her beloved children up for religious education. All three of them. The monetary set-back (yes, you read right. MONETARY. NEVER in my life have I paid for fucking Sunday School!!)? $180!! We happily sign up all three kids and give over our check. The email response I get? That since we failed to notify the church of our move, we're considered "inactive." Excuse me? Granted, we don't ALWAYS slip a check into the offering plate, but I would bet it's at least once a month. Additionally, we did the good old "here, pledge some money to us," campaign within our diocese. They send us our "friendly reminders" a.k.a. the correct bloody address! (which we paid in full, mind you...and this is separate from tithing, but it's still handing money over to them, isn't it??) There's a shocker for you. So, my kids' applications are going to be held up because they consider us "inactive?" If she took the five minutes to give me this email, why couldn't she just have put the new address in an email to the church secretary herself to say "look! i found someone who's inactive. perhaps they just got busy with their move and fucking life in general, and never told you guys?? here's their address...."

This, my friends, is part of the reason that I don't jump whole-heartedly into organized religion. grrrrr......

...oh, and by the way, the day was a bit shitty to start with. Boss lady decided to be in a bad mood today, and decided to share it with me by just being bitchy. At least Boss Man decided to give me so much paper to bloody copy in the afternoon that I could forego any contact with her. For once, copying reems of paper didn't seem so mundane and awful.

...the highlight of my day? there really was one. Getting to eat lunch with Rebecca. No, we didn't go out to eat. She MADE me food at her office. She even set the table for me! (complete with a diet Coke....I do love me my Rebecca!) So, a big shout out to Rebecca for the yummy fajita lunch!


Anonymous Judy said...

She made you lunch?! OH, I am so coming over for lunch next week when the kids are back in school. I can ever pay her for the groceries if she'll serve me like the queen that I am!

9:41 PM

Blogger Chipshaker said...

An inactive Christian? Well that's a new concept on me. Lapsed yes, but inactive? I've always wondered why there is just something so unchristian about Christianity.

And don't you swear a lot?

You should join me in Satanism, our local Satanist gathering takes people of all shapes, sizes, creeds and depravations and they really don't mind if you move house and forget to tell them.

We're burning a virgin on the local recreation ground this Saturday at 7pm if you're not doing anything special.

10:02 PM

Blogger novaks8 said...

Nuh uh! You still hit the collection plates but are inactive?

You NEED to call someone and bitch! Tell them to give your money back if you are inactive. Or find a new church.


I am having major issues with our church here. Maybe I will blog about it one day.

10:15 PM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

Bless you my child (sign of the cross). Amen, go in peace.

8:37 AM

Blogger Katie said...

I will pray for you. ;)

Good deal on lunch! When I worked as the psycho ward's assistant secretary, I loved going off to the copy room and making tons of copies. (It was the psychology department at college and I had to swear not to slip the test copies to any students).

9:06 AM

Blogger Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Religion. Ugh. What an ugly word.

But I guess that's what you get in a denominational type church. Not all denominations, or all denominational churches behave that way, but sadly, enough of them do. Which is why I moved to a non-denominational church where everyone treats you like the Bible says we're supposed to, and only the stuff that's in the Bible is taught there. Not some some denominational doctrine that man made up to satisfy his own personal beliefs.

If you'd like to try a church in the Carmel area where you will be welcomed, no matter what, just let me know.

Glad you had a nice lunch.

11:59 AM


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