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Monday, August 14, 2006


.... being an office monkey is a busy job! I'm totally exhausted after today. I am gaining more and more responsibility, which is good. It just keeps a lady on her toes and constantly on the move!

...We're battoning down the hatches in preparation for the new school year. Hard to believe, but the school year starts Thursday for everyone! I'm in awe that the summer's already over. We're running into scheduling issues that we've not had to deal with for a few years now. It's called "What to do with Collin when he's out of school but Aaron's not." Wednesday will be one of our first days back in this particular saddle.

...I'm getting excited, for Aaron has two cousins who are getting married this fall. One is in October and is in Buffalo, NY. The other's in November, and is right here in the Indy metro area. I really like both of the aforementioned cousins, and am getting more and more excited for them as preparations are being made to attend their nuptuals. *and both are with the Butwin family and will include copious amounts of alcohol, to be sure.... CHEERS!*


Blogger nain said...

just make sure if you have copious amounts of alcohol you guys get a room at the Omni for Em's wedding - that way the fun doesn't have to end :-) hee hee...I'll be there with you drinking at that wedding...just not the NY one :-(

8:04 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Does Collin want to spend time with us tomorow? We MIGHT go to Conner Prairie, or we might just hang out here. But the kids have been asking for Conner Prairie, and I have a membership with extra kids on it, so he can be with us for free.

4:48 PM


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