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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fairly Lazy....

...We've been fairly lazy today. We had an ill-fated trip to church, followed by a quick trip to the grocery for some lunch stuff. We had spaghetti, stuffed mushrooms, salad, and Hawaiian rolls (Collin's and my personal favorite!). It was yummy. Then I went to work out for about an hour. It was good to get on the cross trainer again. I also did weights with my arms. They're about as flabby as my tummy, so I thought it would be a good idea.

...This evening's been fun. I met up with Matt and Nay, who write the blog "The Perils of Being 3D". I'd link it up for you, but my computer is being terribly shitty with me right now. If I do anything with any sort of pop-up window, it freezes. I so need to do something about this. It might involve me getting "Office Space" with the CPU. Anyway, I digress. We met up at an ice cream shop. It was fun, albeit HOT. The twins weren't on their best behavior, either, which makes for some interesting times, but Matt and Nay were both very patient with us! hehe

....So tonight leaves me with a mound of ironing like you wouldn't believe and a pile of invitations to create. Apparently, I'm building my reputation with papercrafts in Aaron's family, as I've been enlisted to make the invitations to the shower that the Butwin aunts are throwing for one of the cousins who is getting married this fall. I'm happy, as always to oblige!


Anonymous Judy said...

Home made invitations? You are waaaaay tooooo nice!!

9:55 AM

Blogger nain said...

yeah, you need to stop being so nice :-) j/k

10:34 AM


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