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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sad Sunday....

...not that I'm really sad. I just hate the Sunday Blues. Tomorrow starts another work week. And while my job isn't all that bad, I'd still rather be hanging around outside today rather than getting ready for another week. I need to exercise (more about why in a second), do laundry (including ironing...blech), clean bathrooms (ok, double blech!), and all around get ready for the week., what did I do this weekend? I went on Saturday with my brother and future sister-in-law to the 150th Indiana State Fair. We went to Taco Bell before we went, where I ate a Mexican pizza and two soft tacos. When we got to the fair, I had 1/2 of my chocolate frozen custard, and nearly all of Ashley's (future-sister-in-law) chocolate-peanut butter ice cream. We did things like see horses whose shoulders rose a full foot above my head and saw boars that are the biggest in the world, leaving me to wonder if it's because of the size of their packages (holy mary, mother of god, were they endowed!!). We also saw some newborn calves, which were sooo cute. So amazing that they can stand up and move about the very same day that they're born. We also did the round of the kids' farm, where they learn about what kinds of things go into a farm. It's quite fun to watch them go around to the different stations. We left a bunch of sun-tired people, and Erin fell asleep in the van on the way home and didn't wake for anything!

...After the fair, I went with my friend, Rebecca, to a cook-out. One of her customers has invited her to go for years, and this year was the first year we went. Oh. My. Good. Food. I'd not eaten so much yummy stuff in ages! It was a veritable smorgassboard of terrific food. They also had an open bar. Of which I was the only one to crack open the bottle of Bombay Sapphire. So, I had three gin and Sprite's to add to my culinary debauchery. Hence, the need for the gym this afternoon, and the mornings for the rest of the week.... hehe

...Anyway, not much on tap today, aside from simply existing. I've been off my anti-depressants for about two weeks now, so I think my body's still adjusting to that. I just need to up my water and vitamin intake, as well as my energy out-put by going to the gym, and I think I'll be fine. Honestly. I feel more sane than I have in a long time. lol My job, while busy, usually carries with it a lower level of stress than any job I've had in the last seven years (since graduating college). My children are all in fairly good health. The twins are getting out of the preemie stage entirely, and are doing normal big-kid stuff now. Collin's growing up, and while he's sassier, he's doing quite well. Life is a lot less stressful than it has been in a long time. So I'm going to see if I can shake the crutch that I've been leaning on for the past seven years. As always, we shall see.


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Yeah I didn't want to come to work either today

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