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Friday, August 11, 2006

For Fuck's Sake....

....that's all I gotta say when it comes to my home computer these days. If it's not locked up, it's slower than molasses in winter. I do not want the expense of a new one, but come on. GRRRR.....

...anyway, I didn't mean to be entirely negative about the Wiggles. Griffin did go positively ape-shit when they made their grand entrance in the Big Red Car. He was screaming so loudly that his face was red and the vein was sticking out. That, in and of itself, was worth shelling out his 30 dollars for. The rest of us, however, I'm still looking for the payoff there.

...This week is finally over. And I couldn't be happier about it. Hopefully next week will be a little easier to handle. This week at work kicked my ass. The good part about it, however, is that everyone is in generally good humor, which is nice.

....My second-to-youngest brother should be gracing my doorstep at any minute now. It is currently 10:50 on a Friday night, and he and his fiancee (yes, you read this right.... my almost-twenty-year-old-brother is getting married one year from today! *sobs*) are spending tonight with us, after seeing Rascal Flatt (forgive me if this is misspelled, for I am not really a fan of country music) at the Indiana State Fair. Tomorrow, we shall all go and grace the state fair with our presence. I don't think that the fair will be happy once the meltdowns start happening, but dammit, I'm jonsing for a deep-fried twinkie! tee hee Actually, I'm unsure of which state fair delicacy I will attempt this year. I'll settle for a funnel cake or elephant ear!

Peace out, ya'll. I think I'm going to go to bed now.


Anonymous Judy said...

I am sure I will be at the state fair next week, as the kids love to go. I like to go, but without the kids. I like to look at stuff in the Family Arts Building, to check out the craft contests.For my kids it is all about rides and games. I don't like blowing tons of money on that stuff, but I do it every year. And every year the kids are a little less thankful than the year before. Spoiled Brats.

10:27 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Do you happen to know who Dr Drew is? Full name Dr Drew Pinsky. And, yes, I need an answer to this question.

1:14 AM


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