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Friday, June 30, 2006

Why I Love Working in An Office.....

...full of people who weren't born here. The World Cup is on. We have been watching it. And I've had more belly laughs over them yelling in support of teams that are neither US or *country where they're from*. Go Germany, though! Way to win in double OT!

...another reason I love working in an office (full of men, irregardless from where they originally hail)....Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. We had a good laugh at one of the guys calling it BW2's. Of course, technically they would be BW2's, since they've long since ditched the "weck" (whatever the fuck that shit is anyway...). But no one ever calls them that. Belly laughs, I say. And threats of the office monkey going to wash said guy's car. And threats of getting my ass kicked. haha. See, I'm starting to fit in around here.

...ANYWAY, pity me. I'm going to YET ANOTHER family reunion. This time, however, it is not with my family, but my husband's. For the most part, it will be fine, but roll on alcohol! *winks*


Anonymous Judy said...

I was rooting for Argentina! Also, I occasionally lapse and call it BW2's. When I worked downtown we had a BW2 by us. And since I don't get out much, I thought it still was. Until the new one by us opened anyway, but old habits die hard.

Tonight's dinner is Chicken Briyani.I went to the Indian grocery today to get the spice supplies. The kids did not like the way the grocery smelled and stood outside. Thank God they did not complain loudly "Mom! It smells really bad in here!" So, Seth will have PB&J for dinner. Noah will have toast. They'll get strawberries, too. Scott and I will delight in the smelly Indian cuisine.

5:27 PM

Blogger nain said...

no no no pity...I had to go to a funeral today and class until 9:30 tonight and then tomorrow I have a practice test. Nope, sorry can't do it :-)

10:34 PM

Blogger nain said...

btw, I wish I was with you guys right now!!!

10:44 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Sounds like you're having great funny Steph!

2:45 AM


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