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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Working As An Assistant.....

....Work is going pretty well at the moment. I'm getting used to everything and everyone. It's still weird, and I can't put my finger on why, necessarily. But the feeling is leaning more toward the "getting more comfortable here" weird instead of "what the fuck was I thinking?" weird. I chalk it up to a different sort of chemistry than what I had at my old job. When I went to work at EY, within a month, I felt like I'd worked there for YEARS. I clicked fairly well with everyone. With this place, the clickage factor isn't as immediate. I still often feel like the odd man out, and that has a tendency to make me sad. Not sad enough to quit, though (don't worry dear boss, if you should chance to read this), but sad enough to wish things had turned out a bit differently work-wise. But to wish that is not only useless, it also somehow degrades the importance of the last three years and all that changed because of the twins. No, I do not wish life any differently in REALITY. But the DREAM would be to have been able to go back to the point where I liked my old job and group at EY. Circa 2001. *sigh* But I digress. I do appreciate the fact that I have a job to go to. One that will (eventually) pay enough to pay the bills. One that is fairly stable.

But I digress. The funny thing is that I see some of the same patterns developing as the "new assistant in a hectic atmosphere". People are so busy that it's hard for them to be able to stop everything and train me. So, they give me as much as they can stop and explain at the time. Which, generally, is not enough to fill my eight-hour-minus-however-long-it-takes-me-to-eat-lunch day. So, I keep going back to them for work. And, I'll be damned if they're not to the point of trying to avoid me because they don't know what to give me. And, KB, my old boss. Did the very same thing. Which, in and of itself, has made me feel like all this just might work.

I do miss me some babies, though. Must call my Brazilian family and tell them that I'm rooting for their team with the World Cup! *tee hee*


Anonymous Judy said...

What do you know about about someone whose day might be coming? Oh, such a cryptic message, the meaning of which should be known oly by you!

3:19 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...


7:46 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Did we have a phone conversation about this very thing? Just a few days ago....

8:41 PM


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