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Sunday, June 25, 2006

BFLH....the story, we decide to go to good old Connersville, IN to the train station there to do the "Day Out with Thomas." Sounds like a grand idea, no? Considering that we have three year-old twins, we thought it just dandy. Now, our hearts skipped a beat over the $95 it would take to get all five of us aboard a mere twenty-five minute train ride, but since this would be the twins' first train ride, we thought it worth it. So Thursday, I stayed a little late at work so that I could order the tickets without delay. Aaron also took a few seconds of time on the computer at home, dodging the problems we've had with our internet, to secure a campsite at the Whitewater Memorial State Park. Everything was a go. I'd even been able to snag a ride to work with my boss so that Aaron could pick me up at work and we could begin our journey directly from there. Perfectly planned.

...After a brief hold-up in traffic, we make our way east of Indianapolis and stop briefly in Greenfield to eat and get some last-minute supplies at Wal-Mart. We never remember everything, so we wind up thinking of all the things we've forgotten en route to wherever our ill-fated journey shall be that time. We pick up our supplies and get to our campsite with just enough time to pop up the camper and start our bedtime routine. All's still wonderful. Until Erin began complaining of tummy problems. She demanded that I kiss her tummy to make it feel better. With which I whole-heartedly comply. Of course, I get to make sweet love to her tummy all.night. No big deal, I think. She'll be right by morning. Wrong. She threw up. In my hand. So, I think, still hoping to not lose out on my nineteen-dollar-rape-charge due to illness. We take a shower, and all seems fine. Until she rushes to the trashcan to hurl some more. Needless to say, she's not going, and either Aaron or I will be staying with her. We eat breakfast, and Aaron decides that he will stay with her while I take the boys to the train. All's fine, despite the three year-old antics of Griffin. More than once I had to ask him whether he wanted to do more fun things or go back to the camper and take a nap. After our train ride, I get a call from Aaron (we have cell phones now, you know!), stating that she had spent the entire time we were gone horking every ten to fifteen minutes. Lovely.

...Well, the campground was definitely more gracious than Thomas was, for we were able to come home a day early and receive a refund. So that's just what we did.

...And another one's gone...and another one's gone...and another one bites the dust.

For those of you who want the full story, at least one person seems to puke on nine out of ten Byers' excursions. I think that Aaron's the only one who's not puked so far. Don't worry. Give him time.


Anonymous Judy said...

A year or so ago we went to Ft Harrison State Park so Scott and Noah could ride the horses and Seth could ride the pony. Great memories were made. Then we explore rthe park a bit, see the pond, play at the playground...Scott winds Noah around and around on the swing. The boys are tired and we head home. Noah thanks us by vomiting in the van. yes, all over the back of the van. Nice pleasant smell ensued and it was wonderfully fun to clean up.

So, people vomit in other families, too. You just win the award for most continous vomiting on vacations.

11:16 AM

Blogger Auntie said...

Are you sure Aaron hasn't puked? It just isn't fair. Next time you plan something, give me something prior that will make him sick. It just doesn't seem right. Is he in this family or not?

9:24 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Awwwww Hoping that Miss Erin is better now. Sorry your trip was cut short

8:28 AM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

luckily the puke didn't attrack bears ;-D sorry things haven't gone well for you. Hope the job is well (you did take a new job right?). I moved but still haven't closed. I'll blog about the whole scenario after I close and fully understand what happened.

12:54 PM


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