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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Busy Old Day.... was quite busy. I did sleep in until 8:00 am (oh, glorious sleep!). But after that, the day was quite busy. So busy, that I don't remember all that I did, but I did get to overheat the shredder again. I also got to babysit a cantankerous fax machine. (If we get a new one, I shall be re-enacting the infamous scene from Office Space!) Tomorrow's fun will include going to Office Depot to get some packing tape and a power strip for my desk. Oh, the fun of it! All in all, work's not bad.

....Oh, and Judy, tell the Porch Fairy thanks a ton, and I take you up on setting up a workout buddy system. The time would fly by much quicker with someone to chat with! (oh, and and Nay are more than welcome to come work out with us at Cardinal Fitness, too, since you live in the area! hehe)

....Peace out, dear readers. I have a sweaty smelly body to hose off. Just be glad that you're not here to smell me. Pee. You.


Anonymous Judy said...

It is very charitable of you to think that I can talk and work out at the same time. I am afraid I may not even be in THAT good of shape.

10:19 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

This porch fairy that you speak they do repairs (as in rebuild the damn thing) as well as leave goodies?? Cause if they do, then you need to send them my way.

1:46 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Hey, hey! I'm totally not ignoring you, I can't get &@^!^#*@ yahoo messenger to work. I'll try again today. Keep up the good work chickie!

10:01 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

OMG!! I called a local cleaning service to come and clean my house. They said they like to do a basic cleaning to make sure it all gets done, they pull out the fridge, washer/dryer and clean behind them, do the vents, wash walls down, top of cabinets, etc....They said allow four hours for the whole house. Holy shit, they have been here six, and they aren't done. And I DO NOT live like a pig. I THOUGHT I kept a fairly clean house, till now that is. The bill will be huge and I will hear about it from Scott. I hope like hell they take credit cards or we won't be eating for the next few weeks. I feel like I need my own little spoy on a blog page. You know, click here and donate to save Judy's lazy non house cleaning butt.

3:01 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Uh...wanna buy a TLC scrapbookin' bag? I got some chalk I've never used....maybe a bronze leafing pen? Some gently used markers?

Make an offer. I gotta make some money and recover the injury of having spent way too much money on cleaning people. I need to just have people over and they can cash and carry my stuff away.

5:08 PM


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