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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


...this blog will not be a work one of my bosses reads it. i suppose i don't need a number two, do i?? *winks* if i should ever start a blog to talk about work, i shall be going underground with it.

...overall, though, there is minimal weirdness at this job. NOT non-existant weirdness, but minimal. (dear boss, I'm not talking about you, so don't move to fire me yet!)


Anonymous alaina said...

yeah writing about work stuff is never good...always causes drama or trouble...good for you for sticking to your guns :-) Hope your new wardrobe is serving you well!

8:28 PM

Blogger Katie said...

You'll just have to write more about your sex life then. Sorry Alaina. *winks*

9:53 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

GOO....please, please no...I think I've racked up enough shrink bills in my lifetime, thank you...

10:08 PM


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